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"Emilie Modaff as 43-year-old Alison may spend much of the time behind the drawing board, but when Modaff sings, especially in the duet “Telephone Wire,” or wittily pieces together readings from Alison’s journal, you will understand the magical talents of this performer. I never doubted for an instant that Modaff wasn’t involved in reliving the Bechdel family memories, and the delivery of the line “my beginning was your end” was particularly emotive."

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"Emilie Modaff...delivers Christmas is Canceled‘s funniest performance by a long shot. They might be relegated to a classic best friend role, but they take their hilarious lines and run away with them, deadpanning and hamming it up when necessary. Modaff proves quickly that they won’t be sidelined even in a supporting role, gifting us with the biggest laughs in the movie."

Christmas Is Canceled

"Christmas is Canceled is not all weird May-December straightness, though. It’s anchored in place by Emma’s relationship with her queer BFF, Charlyne (played by non-binary actor Emilie Modaff":


"The meat of this story lies on the more than capable shoulders of Modaff. Modaff is this show’s flotation device. Anytime an audience member may lose track of the story as the music overpowers, all they need do is look for the earnest eyes of Modaff’s Abigail. This story lives so powerfully within them that lines like “We will make 100 days last forever” are piercing and gutting."

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