Review: Modaff -Clean House EP

January 01, 2020

"Emilie’s bravery to confront their own doubts in public, while maintaining this endearing optimism makes the bitterness (“Aquarius”) viable and well-earned. Meanwhile, “Clean House” shows us a Modaff  who keeps challenging and pushing their self, personally and artistically. This album isn’t just a statement: it’s a clarion call of things on the way."

Scapi Magazine

January 01, 2020

"As a result of my Modaff deep dive, I confirmed that they do, indeed, engage in many artistic mediums, but they earnestly commit themselves to each medium with fine-tuned concentration. Like in the initial performances I witnessed, they continously play off their scene partners with generosity and flexibility."

Splash Magazine

January 01, 2020

"The show opened with an original song by Emilie Modaff, who proved to be the most multitalented performer of the night, lending their significant piano and vocal talents to a number of acts throughout the show."

NewCity Stage

January 03, 2023

"Modaff was able to find the middle ground. They brought us into the world of the “Bobby Pin Girls” with sharp wit, subtle dramatization and expertly timed reactions. Their rapport with Peter Wilde, who plays Bree’s ex, was palpable and strong, their physical dialogue playing an equally important part to their verbal dialogue."

Windy City Times

January 03, 2023

​"Grace Hutchings and Emilie Modaff replicate the vocal mannerisms of earnest post-grads to the smallest inflection. All these elements make for a portrait of youthful lifestyles in 2017 so authentic as to deserve enshrinement in a time capsule."

Hooligan Magazine x Kappa Force

January 03, 2023

"College campuses can be a perfect microcosm of “real life.” It’s a beautiful framework for a web series, especially one that comments on the current state of humanity. Also, Greek life is literally a perfect representation of the evils and pervasiveness of the patriarchy"

Hooligan Magazine x Single Release

February 23, 2023

"Modaff’s lead single, “Hip Blossoms” is an intimate self portrait. The track uses natural imagery and symbolism to illustrate Modaff’s journey toward sobriety. Emilie leads with soft, trepidacious vocals resting on a structure of somber piano as she describes herself for the listener."

Chicago Theater Beat

May 28, 2023

"Modaff, an actor, podcaster and musician with a forthcoming feminist superhero webseries, is a force to be reckoned with, giving Bree a dry sense of humor and stellar comic timing as well as a very real, believable conflict with Danny."

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