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Featured Work

Teaser from the 4 Star and Jeff Recommended production of FUN HOME at Paramount's Copley Theatre, in which I play Alison Bechdel. 

Christmas Is Canceled is a raunchy Christmas comedy starring Hayley Orrantia (The Goldbergs) and Janel Parish (Pretty Little Liars). I play Charlyne, fulfilling my dream of being the gay BFF comedic relief on screen. You can stream it now on Amazon Prime Video. 


Ah yes, me in my purest form. This year I booked my first commercial, with CLR, portraying literal food stains. Yes, they custom fit the microwave to my head. Yes, it was amazing. #Typecasting


After 20 months of waiting, Hundred Days at Kokandy Theatre finally returned to The Chopin Theater. Directed by Lucky Stiff. The Chicago Tribune wrote: "The meat of this story lies on the more than capable shoulders of Modaff. Modaff is this show’s flotation device. Anytime an audience member may lose track of the story as the music overpowers, all they need do is look for the earnest eyes of Modaff’s Abigail. This story lives so powerfully within them that lines like “We will make 100 days last forever” are piercing and gutting."

Choose Me: An Abortion Story is a web-series created and directed by Hannah Gamble. For me, this role meant normalizing abortion and giving AFAB people a way to talk about it without shame. We premiered in 2020 on OTV. You can watch the full series here

VOICEOVER for Scotch M3's 2020 Christmas spot. You can hear more of my Voiceover work here

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